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Sales dept.
Tel: +8657689189675
Email: tianyu@tianyupharm.com
Securities Investment dept.
Tel: +8657689189669
Email: stock@tianyupharm.com
Purchasing dept.
Tel: +8657689189703
Email: wyj@tianyupharm.com
HR dept.
Tel: +8657684160783
Email: job@tianyupharm.com
Tianyu Shares
1.Operate strictly comply with process and related SOP, take effective validation, confirm the equipment’s cleaning and validation, avoid pollution and cross contamination.
2.Take risk control on production process, analyze and assess the safety of pertinent production process, set automatic control system.
3.Carry out cleaner production all through the process, treat the “three wastes” in classification, discharge “three wastes” after reaching the standards.
4.Design the production equipment and facilities strictly comply with the standard s of USGMP and EU GMP. Install, validate and maintain the equipments and facilities constantly. Introduce advanced reaction equipment.
5. Train every operator regularly and assess working performance scientifically to ensure the normalization and stability of production.
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